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Organic Food Fraud

November 08, 2021 Ahbonbon LLC Episode 8
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Organic Food Fraud
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The podcast will tell you in details about the country of origin labeling law, organic food definition, and organic fraud.  You will learn about the USDA organic inspection system and its flaws.  Finally, we cannot talk about organic food without mentioning about organic products from China. The truth can be very disturbing!

The contents of the podcast are from our book: China!  Hidden Toxins: Putting Your Health at Risk. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter at Ahbonbon Facts or visit our website: www.ahbonbon.com.

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Content Outlines
USDA Organic Standards
Organic Food Imports
Organic Food Regulations
Country of Origin Label
Organic Food Definitioms
Organic Cerification Flaws
Organic Product Fraud
China’s Organic Agriculture