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Toxic Honey and Honey Fraud

October 30, 2021 Ahbonbon LLC Episode 4
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Toxic Honey and Honey Fraud
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The podcast will help you avoid toxic honey and how to make the right choice when purchasing honey.

Why is honey a miraculous product? What happened to the honey industry? You will learn more about honey fraud and honey supply chain. Why do we need to avoid Chinese honey? What to look for when purchasing honey? What has the United States done to protect consumers? The reality about honey can be very disturbing. At the end of the podcast, you will find out why you are better off eating sugar instead of honey. We will go over a few Successful Cases, Reported by the United States Department of Homeland Security. They will shock you.

The contents of the podcast are from our book: China! Death Food.  Please  visit our website at ahbonbon.com

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Honey Benefits
Bees Are Importants
Top Honey Exporter
Honey Transshipment
Chinese Toxic Honey
Chinese Honey from Europe
Illegal Chinese Honey
Buying Honey Checklist