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China Reform

September 02, 2021 Ahbonbon LLC Episode 2
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China Reform
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This podcast is the second part of China’s history and background. It summarizes how China’s leader Deng Xiaoping reformed China and was able to lift 400 million people out of poverty. Why did China lose Hong Kong and Macau to the British and the Portuguese in the 1800s? What is Made-in-China 2025?  And who helped China joined the World Trade Organization that has caused damage to the U.S. Economy and the American people?

The contents of this podcast are from our book China! Good, Bad & Ugly: Social & Economic Factors.  Follow us on Facebook at Ahbonbon Facts and Twitter @AhbonbonFacts.

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Deng Xiaoping Leadership
Trivia Question Answer
Hong Kong & Macao
Made-in-China 2025
US Trade Agreement
Bill Clinton & China