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China History & Reform

July 30, 2021 Ahbonbon LLC Episode 1
AhbonBon Facts
China History & Reform
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This is an introduction podcast that provides a brief overview of what the series is all about. It also gives the audience the history and background of China, from the Qing Dynasty to China reform under Deng and the trade agreement with the United States. 

Listeners will discover why 45 million Chinese people died under Mao’s leadership, and what the United States has done for the Republic of China (Taiwan)? It summarizes how China’s leader, Deng Xiaoping, reformed China and was able to lift 400 million people out of poverty. Why did China lose Hong Kong and Macau to the British and the Portuguese in the 1800s? What is Made-in-China 2025?  And who helped China joined the World Trade Organization that has caused damage to the U.S. Economy and the American people?
AhbonBon Facts podcast series is produced by AhbonBon® LLC.  Ahbon Bon Facts means Really Good Facts in French.

AhbonBon® LLC focuses on global developments that affect everyday life, health, and fitness.  The podcasts will help listeners make more informed choices, whether it is shopping, eating, or addressing health issues. The series is based on the contents of three books written and published by AhbonBon® LLC.

China! Good, Bad & Ugly: Social & Economic Factors reveals historical and current events that the world must know about China. Within five decades, China has successfully transformed a struggling economy from Mao’s era to a capitalist-inspired economic superpower. China has become the world leader in organ transplants, toxic food supply, and polluted air. 

China! Hidden Poisons: Putting Your Health at Risk documents more than twenty years of tainted food and unsafe consumer products from China flooding American stores. It highlights how the US government has failed to protect American consumers, putting their health at risk. 

China! Death Food: Consumer Awareness gives the reader a detailed perspective on foods imported from China. The book highlights hidden poisons affecting the safety of food 

 The contents of this podcast are from our book China! Good, Bad & Ugly

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The Qing Dynasty
People's Republic of China
Reform un Deng
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Hong & Macau
Made-in China 2025 Plan
Trade Agreement with the US