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China Toxic Food & Food Safety Incidents

November 23, 2022 Ahbonbon LLC Episode 12
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China Toxic Food & Food Safety Incidents
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Why should you avoid food from China? What toxic heavy metals are found in Chinese rice?  What impact does its pollution have on the lives of people in California and the western United States? We will quote a list of food safety incidents at the end of the podcast.

China has become the world leader in toxic food supply and polluted air. The country has become a byword for tainted food, from cadmium-laced rice, to fish raised in toxic water, and fed antibiotics. In 2013, USDA approved Chinese cooked chicken to be imported to the United States.

The contents of this podcast are from our book China! Good, Bad & Ugly.

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Avoid Food from China
Cadmium and Arsenic in Rice
Chinese Chicken Export
Pollution from China
China Food Safety Incidents