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US Consumer Product Safety, Part 1

February 03, 2022 Ahbonbon LLC Episode 7
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US Consumer Product Safety, Part 1
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In this podcast, we will reveal which US federal agencies are responsible for the safety of food and other consumer products. You will hear some disturbing facts about these agencies.  How do these federal agencies screen products that are imported into the United States?  What have Chinese companies been doing to escape product liabilities for exported goods into the United States? Will talk about some existing legal battles: COVID Lawsuits, Formaldehyde Flooring, and Toxic Drywalls,

Due to the complexity of the subject matter, we have divided it into two podcasts. The 2nd part will be case studies and history of major recalls and lawsuits. These disturbing facts will shock you! So, please stay tuned.

The contents of this podcast are from our book:  China! Hidden Poisons: Putting Your Health at Risk.  Follow us on Facebook at Ahbonbon Facts and Twitter @AhbonbonFacts.

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Podcast Highlights
China Market share of Consumer goods in the US
US Federal Agencies Responsible for Product Safety
How Are Imported Products Screened
Lack of Resources to Monitor Product Safety
Product Safety of Chinese Imports
COVID Lawsuits against China
Toxic Formaldehyde Flooring
Toxic Drywalls